Dallas Safari Club Game Calls

CONGRATULATIONS: John Chapman is the winner of this week’s giveaway.  His winning comment read, “With the ever increasing coyote population in the west, I believe it is my duty, nay, my call to intervene in this situation and bring this population under control. I need these to do that.”

Remember, we have giveaways every week on Game Trails Online.


This week we’re giving away the ability to call a varmint up close and personal.

What more could you want!

This week’s winner will receive a Mossback Game Call Law Dog Double Reed Coyote Call and Mossback Game Call Bounty Hunter Coyote Call.

All you have to do to win this more than $40 treasure is comment below.

Comment why you want to win.  Comment why you want a varmint in your lap.  Comment why you got out of bed this morning.  It doesn’t matter!  All that matters is that you comment because if you don’t comment you can’t win!

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