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This week’s winner is Jay Martyn! Congrats

The Weekly Giveaway is back and we’re starting off 2014 with a bang!

This week’s prize is the Cartridge Comparison Guide (2nd Edition).

Here’s the rundown!

The Ultimate Hunting and Ballistics Manual

Introducing the 2nd Edition of the Cartridge Comparison Guide. This book is THE Hunting Bible. Elite military snipers and avid outdoors men alike have called this book the Best and Most Comprehensive (and easily understood) Ballistics manual EVER WRITTEN!

The Guide compares every factory available cartridge from the 17 calibers up to the 50 caliber cartridges. It compiles cartridge data from all major ammunition manufacturers such as Hornady, Nosler, Barnes, Swift, Norma, Sierra, Weatherby, Winchester, Remington, and Federal. It shows the optimal velocity achieved for each bullet weight and calculates bullet energy, recoil, and powder efficiency.

New to the 2nd Edition:

  • Addition of Shotgun Ammunition (Both Slug and Shot loads)
  • Integration of Shotgun Slug Ammunition with Center Fire Rifle Data Tables
  • Introduction of Factory Load Summary Heading (Displays which Manufacturers produce factory loads and the number of loads produced)
  • One factory load and one hand load for every bullet weight available in each cartridge.
  • Momentum Calculation for all Rifle, Shotgun and Handgun loads.
  • Over 90 pages of additional ballistics content (roughly 35% more coverage than CCG 1st Edition

To enter, simply comment below. That’s it! Comment why you want to win, how this book would make your life complete, anything.  Just keep it clean. Winner will be announced on Friday February 7th’s Video Mailbag!

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