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Death Threats Aside, DSC Forges Ahead with Rhino Auction

DALLAS (Dec. 4, 2013)—Against a torrent of death threats, the Dallas Safari Club (DSC) is forging ahead with plans to auction a black rhino-hunting permit on behalf of the Government of the Republic of […]

New Snipe Hunt Game!

If your family enjoys spending time in the outdoors camping or if your children are in the scouts, chances are you have heard of the elusive creature of the forest, the Snipe. Traditionally nothing […]

Trophy Pic: Harold Delamarter’s Monster Eland

Hunter Harold Delamarter took this monster eland in the Kalahari region of South Africa with Cape To Cairo Safaris.

Congrats Harold. He’s awesome!

Share your Trophy Pic with the World!  Email picture and info to Game Trails […]

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    Dallas Safari Club 2014 Generations Auction Teaser: 10-Day Sable Hunt In Zimbabwe

Dallas Safari Club 2014 Generations Auction Teaser: 10-Day Sable Hunt In Zimbabwe

The Dallas Safari Club 2014 Generations is almost here!

Desfountain & Jones, Ltd. is proud to support DSC by donating this 1×1 guided sable antelope and plains game hunt for one hunter and one observer for […]

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News: Chimpanzee Lawsuit Seeks Human Rights For Apes

By Gayne C. Young
The Nonhuman Rights Project claims that while chimpanzees are not “people” they are close enough that they deserve the same rights as humans have.
Wait a minute…Is this a joke?
The group claimed […]

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Trophy Pic: Kevin Wiley’s Canadian Whitetail


By Gayne C. Young

Canadian hunter Kevin Wiley took this Northern monster while hunting with Troy and Lisa Foster of North Alberta Outfitters in Alberta. The 12 pointer weighed in at 330 pounds.

I’m pretty sure […]

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