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Be Proud: DSC Is Your Club By DSC President John Patterson

By John Patterson, President, Dallas Safari Club

The 2013-14 fiscal year is quickly coming to an end and I will soon pass the baton to President Elect, Chris Hudson. Throughout the year, Dallas Safari Club […]

Impala: The Colors of Africa By Pete Ryan

By Pete Ryan

Impala are a common game animal in any safari that involves savannah, and that means many hunters take them for granted. It’s a mistake, because those tan skins shaded with cream and black […]

Buffalo: Stop Dreaming And Do It! By Dave Fulson

An Inside Look at the Modern Cape Buffalo Safari

Text and photos by Dave Fulson of Safari Classics Productions

There is no doubt that over the last ten years, perhaps much longer, no other big game […]

Man Eating Boar On Film

Excerpted from The Complete Guide to Hunting Boar and Javelina by Gayne C. Young

Any pig will eat a dead man, but to get him to eat a live one some education is required. — […]

The Cowboy Hunt at the Nail Ranch by MidwayUSA’s Larry Potterfield

By MidwayUSA’s Larry Potterfield

It was like a page from a western novel, if you leave out the part about how we traveled to Texas.  Our camp was six ranch-road miles from the bunkhouse, in […]

The Cats of Sangwali By Brad Fitzpatrick


This story is from the book Morning Shadows, Evening Sun by Brad Fitzpatrick, which is available now through Safari Press.

It was just before midnight when two male lions crossed over the border of Mamili […]