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New York To Spend $1,000 Per Animal On Birth Control For Deer

By Gayne C. Young

East Hampton Village, New York apparently has more money than sense.

The village recently announced that it will begin a deer sterilization program come January in an attempt to control the area’s […]

Hunting And The Art Of Human Existence by Shane Mahoney

By Shane Mahoney

At some point, humans ceased to simply hunt for survival and began to understand nature in a more vital and conscious way.

Over long and now misted millennia, the rhythm of our human […]

The Last Gharial

While hunting tiger and sambar deer in India in November 1968, hunter Marc Pechenart and his wife, Martine, of Paris, France, and friends took a noonday break for lunch under some shade along a […]

Larry Weishuhn’s Getting A Deer Lease

By Larry Weishuhn

Planning on possibly hunting an area other than in your backyard this fall for deer. Possibly a place you’ve not previously hunted in the past.

I am! I’m getting on a lease with […]

In The Field With Gayne C. Young: Paraguay Pigeon Hunt, Odds & Ends

By Gayne C. Young

Here’s a few odds & ends from my Paraguay Pigeon Hunt.

Ahhhhhhh, an armadillo.

Ahhhhhhhh, a parakeet.

Ahhhhhh, a pigeon.

Ahhhhhhh, a bunch of pigeons.

Wild boar coming after the pigeons.

Read Day 1 HERE

Read Day 2 […]

DSC In Fredericksburg, Texas 4th of July Parade

By Gayne C. Young, photos by Allison Young

DSC participated in its first ever parade this 4th of July when Editor Online Media Gayne C. Young decked out his Tundra, loaded up his kids Barrett […]