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Legacy Club Partners with DSC

Dallas Safari Club is pleased to announce that the Legacy Club has become one of the organization’s Partners in Conservation and Outdoor Sporting Culture.

About Legacy Club:

The LEGACY stone trail marker is the only one […]

Why All Hunters Should Care About Ban on Elephant Trophies

DALLAS (June 4, 2014) – Relatively few hunters will ever hunt an elephant. But every hunter who supports science-based wildlife conservation and management has reason for concern about the Obama administration’s recent ban on […]

Trophy Pics: Brad Fitzpatricks’s Kudu

Game Trails Online contributor Brad Fitzpatrick  sent us some great kudu live shots.

Thanks to Brad for these great pics.

Send yours along with details to Game Trails Online Editor Gayne C. Young today!

Remember, DSC receives […]

Geneticists Banking DNA to Ensure Future of African Animals

DALLAS – Dallas Safari Club (DSC) is continuing its financial support of a Texas A&M University effort to build a DNA repository of African game species. The growing bank of DNA samples can be […]

Trophy Pic: Ruth Cusack’s Brown Bear

Ruth Cusack took this incredible brown bear with Precise Ammunition in a .375 RUM shooting Barnes 300 grain TSX flatbase bullets at 2,825 fps!  Devastating on bear!

Precise Ammunition is owned by Steve Warner who […]

The Croc that Wasn’t Dead By MidwayUSA’s Larry Potterfield

By MidwayUSA’s Larry Potterfield

The dirt track ran generally along the side of the riverbed, through intermittent brush, and occasionally provided a great view of whatever pools were still holding water during the dry season. […]