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Weekly Giveaway: Colorado’s Biggest Bucks and Bulls And Other Great Colorado Big Game

By Gayne C. Young

The Weekly Giveaway is back and we’re starting off 2015 with one heck of a prize.

This week we’re given away Susan Campbell Reneau’s Colorado’s Biggest Bucks and Bulls And Other Great […]

Titan Gun Safe Is The World’s Fastest Deploying Safe.

Approved by the California Department of Justice, Titan Gun Safe is an innovative and multifunctional gun safe designed with both speed and security in mind. Whether you are in your home or car, the […]

The Outdoors Is One Big Jigsaw Puzzle By Luke Clayton

While spending time in the outdoors, often alone and usually on a daily basis, I have plenty of time to “ponder” on the natural world and just what makes everything “tick”. Early this morning […]

Holt’s To Auction Off A Rare 20-bore / 9.3x74R ‘Vierling’

Lot 1219: A rare 20-bore / 9.3x74R ‘Vierling’ combination shotgun/rifle

Holt’s Auctioneers is selling a fine 20-bore / 9.3x74R sideplated non-ejector vierling by Karl Grund of Ferlach gunmaking company Jagdwaffen Juch-Grund.

Chris Beaumont commented: “Whilst it’s […]

Shoot Flies With New Bug-A-Salt Gun

By Gayne C. Young

After watching the above video, I’ve decided to add a Bug-A-Salt gun to my arsenal.

This sucker allows you to pop flies and other insects out of the sky – or off […]

My Favorite Single Shot .22 Rifle

By Larry Potterfield

There’s nothing in my childhood memories about shooting or hunting with a single shot .22 rifle. Dad had an old worn-out falling block .22, of some sort – that he used for […]