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Weishuhn on Hunting: Black Bear in Saskatchewan

By Larry Weishuhn, DSC Life Member and Field Editor

You’ll be able to see this and other interesting hunts on DSC’s TRAILING THE HUNTER’S MOON which airs on The Sportsman Channel on Saturday mornings. For […]

Press Release: DSC Funds “Wild Harvest Initiative”

How Much Venison Do Hunters Harvest?
DSC Funds Study to Find Out

DALLAS – A study launching in 2015 will measure the actual amounts of venison and other wild protein harvested annually in North America. Researchers […]

Encountering Orphaned, Injured Wildlife

Keep Them Wild!

Native wildlife are legally protected. It is illegal for anyone to possess a native wild animal unless permitted by the state and federal authorities.

You may have the good fortune to observe […]

Hunting Feature: A Poignant End

By Rev. Daniel Gowan, DSC Life Member

As I sat on the road cleaning my knife, I recognized poignancy as one of my mixed feelings. Day two of the gun season in Oklahoma, and I […]

Legislative Update: DSC Active in Texas, Congressional Measures

Right-to-Hunt Bill: Only 4 ‘Nays’ En Route to Texas Ballot

DALLAS – With only four dissenting votes, a bill offering constitutional protections for hunting and fishing in Texas easily passed both chambers of the state […]

“What Makes Hunting Ethical?”

A recent question was posted on our Facebook page: “What makes hunting ethical?” It was asked by a skeptic, but provides a good opportunity to share some basics of hunting. There is a strong tradition […]