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New Book From Dallas Safari Club Editor Online Media Gayne C. Young


Dallas Safari Club Editor Online Media Gayne C. Young’s new book And Monkeys Threw Crap At Me: Adventures In Hunting, Fishing, and Writing is now available.


Certifiably psychotic guides, angry knife wielding natives, feces chucking […]

They Said What? By J. Hunter Whirley, CPT US Army

By J. Hunter Whirley, CPT US Army
Recently a list of comments dropped for the U.S. Forest Service was compiled and released for the amusement of all. As the U.S. Government typically cannot respond properly […]

Trophy Pic: A Wilderness Whitetails Brute!

DSC Exhibitor Wilderness Whitetails sent us a pic of this incredible typical whitetail taken on their ranch this fall.

That thing’s an elk!

Send your Trophy Pic along with details to Game Trails Online Editor Gayne […]

Trophy Pic: DSC Life Member Clyde Wyatt’s Third Time’s The Charm Elk

By Gayne C. Young

From DSC Life Member Clyde Wyatt

I joined DSC four years ago to get to know and associate with other like-minded hunters, to learn from them where to go and how to […]

Book Review: Between Man and Beast

By Gayne C. Young

Monte Reel’s book Between Man And Beast details the career and history of Paul Du Chaillu, considered to be the first Westerner to bring gorillas out of the jungle and into […]

Shoot Flies With New Bug-A-Salt Gun

By Gayne C. Young

After watching the above video, I’ve decided to add a Bug-A-Salt gun to my arsenal.

This sucker allows you to pop flies and other insects out of the sky – or off […]