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Hunting Australia, Part 2 By Larry Weishuhn

By Larry Weishuhn

With one Australian buffalo in the salt, soon to be on its way to The Wildlife Gallery, it was time to now start looking for a bigger buffalo and to truly test […]

Trophy Pic: Robin Chouteau’s Sable

By Gayne C. Young

Robin Chouteau, a partner in DSC Exhibitor Rockwall Gun Club, took this humongous sable in South Africa with J.P. Kleinhans Safaris.

Robin tells us that her sable measured 43 inches!

That’s a heckuva antelope!


Send […]

Hunting Partners Strike Gold

By J. Hunter Whirley, CPT US Army
My hunting partners drove all night from Viscksburg, MS to hunt on the Thompson Temple Ranch near Barksdale, TX. The trio consisted of a couple, Colie Hollowell and […]

Yummy Gummies

By Gayne C. Young

Release your inner indigenous…or satisfy your sweet tooth with these so realistic they’re downright nasty gummies from the Red Tent coffee shop (Akai Tento no Koohii Ten) in north west Japan.

These […]

Poetry Shooting Club Teaches Kids Shotgun, Rifle Skills At Low Cost

By Ray Sasser

Walter Patton is a man on a mission. The mission is for kids to learn safe and effective shooting skills with shotguns and rifles. The motto for his Poetry Shooting Club: “Take […]

In The Field With Gayne C. Young: Alaska, Day 3

By Gayne C. Young

This week I’m fishing the beautiful Rainbow Bay Resort on the shores of Lake Iliamna in Southwest Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed (Ok, I was really there last week but I was […]