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October SALE On Under Armour & Columbia DSC Logo Clothing

Get ready for the field, holiday parties, or the DSC Convention with new DSC Logo items from Under Armour and Columbia.

ALL ON SALE until the end of October.

CLICK HERE to visit the store!

The discount […]

How I Learned Gunsmithing By MidwayUSA’s Larry Potterfield

Gunsmithing, at its most basic level, is simply the thoughtful use of hands, eyes and brain to disassemble and reassemble a firearm, and to shape and finish wood and metal parts – but how […]

Gayne’s Beer Dilemma OR Why The DSC Hill Country Meeting Will Be Awesome

By Gayne C. Young, Editor Online Media Dallas Safari Club

Anybody thirsty?!

Because I’ve got way too much beer.

Nope. I never thought I’d write that either.

But then I never thought I’d be blessed with storing 10 […]

Trophy Pic: Does Are Deer, Female Deer

By Gayne C. Young

DSC Executive assistant and DSC 100 Coordinator Casey Whitworth sent us a couple Trophy Pics of his friends with some very nice – and tasty looking – does.

Above is,  Jeff Allen. […]

Has Joe Rogan Become A Hunter?

By Gayne C. Young

Comedian and UFC host and enthusiast Joe Rogan is the latest celebrity to join the “Eat What You Kill” process as the above preview from Real Sports shows.

Way to go Joe.


Host […]

Hunting Film Tour hosted by YPG Oct. 30

Hunting Film Tour hosted by YPG October 30 at the Angelika Theater in Dallas.

Doors open at 6pm, show begins at 7pm.

Tickets are available for purchase online here:

Visit for more information.

Tickets are $20 […]