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Video: Wanna Watch A Blue Heron Catch And Eat A Gopher

By Gayne C. Young

You Tube poster Jessie Garza uploaded a video that shows a blue heron catching and swallowing a gopher.


Visits from a Blue Heron in our backyard. For about a week this Blue […]

Friday Fun: Racoons

By Gayne C. Young

Who doesn’t like racoons?

They’re furry, funny, and taste great.

Well, they taste ok.

The Japanese seem to have serious affection for the masked bandits of the rat world as the Japanese commercial for […]

Kicked Off Facebook

By Gayne C. Young

Hunter and outdoor personality Tim Herald is the latest in a long string of individuals who have been kicked off Facebook for posting hunting pictures.

After amassing more than 7,000 followers, Tim’s […]

In The Field With Gayne C. Young: Alaska, Day 2

By Gayne C. Young

This week I’m fishing the beautiful Rainbow Bay Resort on the shores of Lake Iliamna in Southwest Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed (Ok, I was really there last week but I was […]

Trophy Pic: Prince Harry’s Argentine Buffalo

By Gayne C. Young

It’s no secret that Prince Harry and the rest of the Royal Family are big time hunters but evidence of such is usually pretty rare.

Now comes a new book from Penny […]

Spirt of the Wind by Raj Paul

By Gayne C. Young

Dallas Safari Club Exhibitor and good friend  Raj Paul sent us some pictures of his latest creation.  Here are the details:


“Spirit of the Wind”

14″ tall x 23″ wide

Black Granite base with […]