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In The Field With Gayne C. Young: Alaska, Day 4

By Gayne C. Young

This week I’m fishing the beautiful Rainbow Bay Resort on the shores of Lake Iliamna in Southwest Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed (Ok, I was really there last week but I was […]

Ultimate Light African Sporter II by Pete Ryan

By Pete Ryan

The heart of any rifle is the action, in this case a small ring, double square bridge Mauser built in 1949 by BRNO. Why that one? Well, it has integral scope mounts […]

Ultimate Light African Sporter? By Pete Ryan

By Pete Ryan

I’ve owned a lot of rifles over the years, and by a lot I mean too many to be practical. Through all that time there was a little siren song nagging away in […]

Hunt Pictorial: Bart Hanson’s South Africa Safari

By Gayne C. Young

DSC Member Bart Hanson sent us some great photos from his South African safari with McDonalds Pro Safari.

39″ + Gemsbok taken by hunting partner Steve Yeich at Kuduland reserve near Alldays […]

Libations: Lobo Lito – Premium Texas Pilsner

By Gayne C. Young

Who says Lite beer drinkers can’t be cultured?

Me be cultured real good.

And I’ve discovered my new favorite Lite beer to celebrate the hunt: Lobo Lito.

Lobo Lito is handcrafted by the good […]

Deadline for DSC Member Trophy Awards & Member Photography December 15

The deadline to enter the Dallas Safari Club Member Trophy Awards and the Dallas Safari Club 2015 Member Photography Awards is December 15!

Yes, it’s that close.

Don’t miss out on either of these great events. […]